• Tuesday 16 May 2017
    Citi CITI
    4 - 1
    London Group C 19:00
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  • 16 May 2017
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  • 05/16/2017
  • CITI vs EYUK

Citi bank first victory

Line up Citi: Prada, Glennon, Dhat, Deza, Botta, Gooch EY: Alkatib, Ahmed, Cunha, Arnold, Bhatia, Hardy, Shirinov

The opening game of the tournament saw Citi emerge as worthy victors over EY. Jorge Deza opened the scoring on 5 minutes before Rio Dhat doubled the lead to give Citi a 2-0 advantage at half time. Dhat bagged his second goal midway through the second half to make it 3-0 before Tiago Cunha pulled one back for EY. All hopes of a comeback were dashed as Chris Gooch scored late on to make it 4-1, with EY missing a golden opportunity from the penalty spot at the death.

Man of the Match: Rio Dhat


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