• Monday 15 May 2017
    Credit Suisse CSUISSE
    5 - 3
    Citco CITCO
    Playoff 2017 19:00
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  • 15 May 2017
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  • 05/15/2017

Credit Suisse qualifies to Europa 2017-2018!

Second and third team of First Division face each other in this thrilling semifinal, to define the finalist against La Luciole. Citco showsGoncalves, Carbone, Breton, Aniceto, Halaska, Torres, Byavu, Gomes and Mercado. For Credit Suisse just 6 players: Le Cloirec, Bellini, Boyza, Dell'Amico, Heymans and Guglielmetti.

Citco opens in a great way, and find its goal after 5 minutes with Mercado. The event shakes Credit Suisse that decide to explode: three goals by David Le Cloirec in 10 minutes, together with a goal by Heymans: at halftime the result shows 4-1 for Credit Suisse.

Citco tries to recover: 2-4 scored by Aniceto, but again Heymans two minutes later kill again some Citco's hopes. Final signature is by Carbone, at the triple whistle Credit Suisse-Citco 5-3

Next monday the finals of First Division with Credit Suisse against La Luciole. Citco will still need to play the Futsal Cup final so keep on training folks!


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